If you need assistance with a Last Will and Testament, Trust, or Probate Administration....We are Available. Everyone who appears for a free consultation receives a free copy of John's book, Estate Planning for the Modern Family: A Georgian's Guide to Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney

Planning Your Legacy and Estate in Georgia?

15 years of Experience

Our experienced Marietta estate planning lawyers help preserve your family’s future.


If you are looking to plan the distribution of your estate with a will or trust, dealing with a probate issue or proceeding, or navigating Medicare planning, Marietta-based Farrell Law can help. 


We avoid the cookie-cutter approach to estate planning in favor of customized and tailor-made plans that work for your specific situation.  Our estate planning group focuses on:


·         Assuring your wishes are carried out quickly and meticulously.

·         Minimizing your assets’ exposure to risk with a flawless transfer.

·         Protecting the security of your family and heirs.


Led by firm founder, John P. Farrell, our estate planning attorneys fastidiously learn each client’s needs and then develop a customized and precise estate plan to carry out their estate distribution wishes, preferred healthcare directives, and otherwise protect and preserve your wealth. 


Whether you need a will, a trust, help with a probate or assistance in avoiding probate altogether – our Marietta-based lawyers know the ins and outs of creating a turbulence-free estate plan.   

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15 Years of Experience

Licensed in Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas, our practice has grown through referrals of satisfied clients, referrals from other lawyers who know how to find the best estate planning lawyers in Georgia and Tennessee, and the community where our reputation speaks for itself.


Our Reputation Stands Alone

"Excellent," "courteous," "professional." These are not our words. They are Client Testimonials after working with Farrell Law. They illustrate both past successes and, more importantly, what we at the Farrell Law Firm strive for - every client, every day.


We Wrote the Book on Estate Planning in Georgia

Written by firm founder, John P. Farrell, Estate Planning for the Modern Family: A Georgian's Guide to Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney provides a step-by-step guide to Georgia estate planning.

Our Practice

Want to Preserve Your Georgia Estate & Legacy for Future Generations?


The Farrell Law Firm delivers a personalized strategy when helping our clients plan their estates.


At the Farrell Law Firm, we help you achieve your unique goals in estate planning, whether that includes providing for a loved one with special needs, preserving your child’s inheritance after divorce, or documenting your healthcare wishes in the event that you become disabled.


We can do this because we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to crafting an estate plan. We custom-tailor an estate plan for you.


When considering end-of-life scenarios, careful estate planning can be as important as accumulating wealth was in the first place.  The goal of financial certainty and control should not collapse due to an unforeseen event, lapse in health, or untimely passing.


Through foresightful estate planning, our clients can protect and preserve their assets for chosen beneficiaries.  Thereafter, those assets can be transferred during life or upon death to achieve a set of pre-established goals.


At the Farrell Law Firm, we employ sophisticated, creative, and innovative planning methods to solve complexities and meet our clients’ objectives for their own estate.


If you have questions about estate and trust law, contact the wills, trusts, and estate planning lawyers at the Farrell Law Firm.

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Marietta Probate Lawyer


Advocating for Your Rights to Your Loved One’s Property


If there are multiple wills, no trust, or no will at all when your loved one passes away, you could be left battling for your fair share of the inheritance. There can be a wide range of things you will need to do to properly determine the matters of the estate. Working with a competent Marietta estate planning attorney can help ensure you are taking the right steps and that your rights are properly defended. The Farrell Law Firm can provide you with thorough details about what steps you should be taking following your loved one’s passing and what is happening with the court.


Probate can be a confusing and time-consuming process that some people try to avoid. While probate is not always necessary, it is common for families to undergo probate if the deceased owned assets solely in his or her name and there is a great deal of uncertainty on how to divvy up the assets.


Representation for Probate Litigation & Disputes


For many people, probate disputes can be emotional and hard to quickly resolve. These disputes can be made more difficult since they often involve family members or people whom you have a close association with. Having representation from an educated probate lawyer in Marietta can help to resolve these disputes in mediation or in the court.


At The Farrell Law Firm, it’s our goal to make sure that the legacy of your loved one is properly preserved. We can help you file the proper paperwork with the court to make sure their estate is being properly cared for and advocate on your behalf in litigation. Probate can be a time-consuming process but we can help make it easier for you.


Contact our firm at (678) 809-4922 for more information about how we can help you!

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Our experienced Marietta estate planning lawyers help preserve your family's future.



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